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Airline products: food service carts produces more available seat miles.

Question: How do you get 20 additional seats in a 747 without reducing the level of comfort or service a whit, and without additional flight attendants?

Answer: With a new Singl-Serv food cart from PTC Aerospace, formerly UOP Aerospace.

If the answer seems to be a nonsequitur, read on. TWA recently became the first to use the Singl-Serv system, and in doing so the airline was able to eliminate two complete food galleys and bring in 20 seats in their place. The secret? Singl-Serv heats and chills separate portions of a meal on the same tray at the same time.

The Singl-Serv cart looks fairly ordinary, and it begins its functioning as a fairly normal cooler. Meals are placed on racks and kept at about 40[deg. …

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