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What's new in passenger handling equipment.

747 SuperBin: Heath Tecna, Kent, Wash., has a new Boeing 747 SuperBin interior widebody conversion system available. The system offers larger, more efficient overhead compartments, increasing carry-on capacity by 150%. Sidewall pales with removable inner windows and wash lights offer easy access for maintenance and weight savings. An optional forward-end fairing houses a retractable video projection system. Compartments and sidewall panels can be installed together or separately, throughout an aircrat, or by zone.

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First class seat: Fairchild Burns has designed the Model 2020 first class seat for standard body aircraft. The design creates an innovative center line module which incorporates fold-out foodtrays and an expanded area to accomodate beverages and other items. the Model 2020 has been selected by American Airlines for use on Boeing 727 aircraft. (Indicate No. 126 on Reader Inquiry Card) Cabin service systems: EECO Inc. …

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