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Farnborough will reflect intensifying competition for transport sales. (air show)

Farnborough--Farnborough International '84 flying display and exhibition opens its gates at the Royal Aircraft Establishment here on Sunday, September 2 (press day) until the following Sunday, September 9, with 30% of its space oversubscribed, according to the organizers, the Society of British Aerospace Companies. The biennial Farnborough show, as it is more commonly known, is always popular, but such enthusiasm seems to indcate a bigger-than-usual desire to show off the aerospace wares and to scramble for orders as the recession which has bedeviled the industry for the past four years begins to fade.

Even the Russians are coming this year--or have indicated their willingness to do so, to be more precise. What with the cold war between East and West, and with diplomats being thrown out by either side in the continuing game of tit-for-tat, SBAC is keeping its corporate fingers firmly crossed, and will believe it when the promised II-86 widebody transport, Mil 26 heavylift helicopter and An-72 twin-jet STOL transport actually touch their wheels on the Farnborough runway.

The final pre-show head count indicates that over 400 manufacturers of aerospace goods from all over the world will be showing products, from whole airframes and engines down to minute avionics components. …

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