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Anti-misting kerosene problems solved, ICI says. (Imperial Chemicals Industries)

London--After scientific work stretching over the past 20 years, Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) is now confident that it has solved the problems associated with the development of a commercial jet fuel which does not lead to a fireball after an aircraft crash.

ICI has produced an anti-misting kerosene with the trade name of Avgard based on a polymer called FM-9. Under normal flight conditions, the treated fuel remains a highly-mobile liquid, but in situations of high shear forces, such as an impact which ruptures a fuel tank, the FM-9 forms a tight lattice--it begins to gell--which prevents formation of the mist which catches fire.

Since 1978, ICI has been working with the British CAA and the American FAA on this project, and its Avgard was carried on board the unmanned Boeing 720 which the FAA subjected to a controlled crash at Edwards Air Force Base this July. …

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