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Federal Express' ZapMail becomes electronic reality.

Federal Express Corporation keeps redefining itself. Just when the competition thinks it is making headway in trying to play catch-up, FEC adds a new service.

Last month FEC inaugurated an electronic document service called ZapMail. Ironically, after all the publicity surrounding FEC's decision to enter the satellite transmission business, ZapMail is beginning without much fanfare. There will be only limited advertising, none of it national, until the company is sure it can meet the commitment it has established for the new service.

For $35 FEC will pick up and deliver five pages of copy within two hours. If the customer wants to save money and time, he can deliver the document himself to a FEC storefront office, pay $25 and have it delivered within an hour. The original document will be delivered back to the sender the next day, as part of FEC's normal overnight service. Each additional page, after the first five, costs $1, up to a maximum of $50 for 20 pages for an FEC pickup. …

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