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European Regional Airlines Association growing stronger.

Hanover--European Regional Airlines Association (ERA), formed in 1981, and now with 12 member airlines (Guernsey and British Air Ferries having just joined) is beginning to feel strong enough to flex its corporate muscles and according to Carsten Lundahl of Swedair, who is ERA's current president, will in the future tell manufacturers how they want aircraft equipped--and even built--specifically for the European market.

Talking with Air Transport World after an ERA conference entitled "Changing Air Transport" during the Hanover air show, Lundahl spelled out his vision of future cooperation among the European regionals, including a joint timetable and even, in the longer term, a joint reservations computer. Moves towards a colloborative maintenance program have begun, said Lundahl, and there was scope for the members to join together on training.

"With so many countries involved in Europe it is difficult to play an active role on the political side, but our secretary general is representing the organization t meetings with the various European bodies which have an impact on air transort. At the local level in each country, it is really up to member airlines to do the work, but if they need assistance, we are prepared to work with them on their local scene."

Lundahl hinted strongly that the manufacturer members of ERA, who are associates, will be expected to pay a higher subscription in the future, a move which is being strongly backed by two of the U.K. member airlines--Birmingham Executive and Brymon. …

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