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Aloha takes the high road. (Aloha Airlines)

Honolulu--The situation in Hawaii since deregulation of the airline industry in the United States has been as tumultuous as on the mainland. The pattern has also been similar. The new entrant, Mid Pacific Airlines, is a low-cost, non-union, low-fare airline that has captured substantial traffic from the incumbents, and much of it has taken place in a recession. Even in Hawaii there can be economic slumps. Tourist traffic has been down, largely because of the recessions elsewhere, and things have been tough.

The established airlines--Hawaiian and Aloha--have had their troubles. Hawaiian has made some moves to recapture its market share and so has Aloha. New management

Aloha Airlines has a new management headed by new president and chief executive officer, Joseph R. O'Gorman. He came to Aloha in May of last year from AirCal where he was a senior VP for operations. Before that the 40-year old executive served in various management positions at United Airlines for fourteen years. There he spent most of his time in marketing.

Joining the new O'Gorman administration at Aloha is A. Maurice Myers, 42, who arrived in August of last year as VP of marketing. Most of his airline experience was at Continental where he was senior director-passenger market development.

Since their arrival at Aloha the airline has charted a new course in an effort to find a niche in the Hawaiian marketplace. The basic O'Gorman strategy has been to cut costs enough to hold off Mid Pacific while still providing better service than arch rival, Hawaiian. Under the O'Gorman administration Aloha has concentrated on "quality service" while Mid Pacific aims for the economy-minded passenger and Hawaiian maintains a variety of services employing several types of transports. …

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