Air Transport World

And then there were two. (twin-engined transports in service over long-haul routes) (editorial)

The air transport industry is once again about to embark on a significant development which will become a genuine milestone for both technological advance and the economic state of things.

As you will read in this and previous issues of ATW it appears that the way is being cleared for operation of twin-engined transports in regular service over long-haul overwater routes. The Federal Aviation Administration here in the United States currently has regulations against this type of operation, but as you will read in J. A. Donoghue's report elsewhere in this issue, ways are being proposed by FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization to change all of this. There is no strong opposition to such operations from government, airlines or manufacturers. It appears at this writing that it will happen soon. Boeing 767s and perhaps 757s, and Airbus Industrie A310s and A300s will be able to fly scheduled service on long-haul overwater routes. …

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