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U.S. small regionals-commuters. (airline industry report)

Aero Coach: The Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based carrier flew 45,059 passengers in 1983. Comparative 1982 figures are not available.

AeroMech: The West Virginia carrier merged with Cleveland-based Wright Airlines on Oct. 1, 1983, to create a 21-city route system covering eight states. Through September, AeroMech flew 125,223 passengers, down 15%, and 25 million RPKs, down 23%.

Aerostar: The Atlanta-based charter airline, in operation since 1981, used three Boeing 727-100s during 1983.

AEro Virgin Airlines: The Caribbean carrier flew 79,000 passengers in 1983. Comparable 1982 figures are not available.

Air Kentucky: Traffic leveled off at Air Kentucky in 1983, with passenger boardings rising 0.8% to 78,929 and RPKs dipping 0.8% to 18.3 million. Freight was off 15.5% to 101,661 lbs.

Air Molokai: The Hawaiian commuter boarded 73,200 passengers in 1983. Comparative 1982 fugres are not available.

Air Nevada: The Las Vegas-based carrier flew 61,250 passengers in 1983. Comparative 1982 fifugres are not available.

Air North: Healthy traffic increases marked 1983 at the Burlington, Vt.-based carrier. Passenger boardings were up 13.8% to 155,375 while RPKs soared 25.5% to 50.2 million.

Air North (Alaska): The Alaskan commuter flew 29,791 passengers in 1983. Comparative 1982 figures are not available.

Air Sedona: The Arizona commuter launched service in September 1983 with a Cessna 182 and Cessna 172, and by year's end had flown 248 passengers.

Air Vermont: The Vermont commuter flew 66,000 passengers in 1983 before discontinuing its operations.

Americair: After operating shuttle service between Washington-Dulles and Baltimore/Washington International Airports briefly with Britten-Norman Islanders in early 1983, the carrier discontinued its scheduled operations. The carrier expects to start service between Dulles and Richmond this month.

American Central: The Waterloo, Iowa-based carrier expects to have the world's largest fleet of Embraer Bandeirantes at the end of 1984 with its recent acquisition of Fairflight Ltd.'s fleet of seven of the aircraft. The purchase will bring American Central's Banderainte fleet to 17. It also operates eight Piper Chieftains.

Passenger boardings soared 133.6% last year to 112,650, and American Centra is forecasting 200,000 passengers for 1984. The carrier currently serves 20 cities in six states in the Midwest.

Arista: The charter carrier reported to CAB that it transported 132,000 passengers and flew 728 million RPKs in 1983.

Atlantic Express: The Republic Airport, N.Y.-based carrier discontinued its scheduled service after operating briefly in 1983 with a fleet of Fairchild Metro IIIs.

Atlantic Gulf: The St. Petersburg, Fla.-based carrier, which launched service in October 1983, boarded 55,000 passengers during the year in its Convair 580s.

Atlantis: New routes produced a 13% increase in RPKs to 21.4 million in 1983. Passenger boardings were up 3.6% to 81,638.

BAS: The Ohio commuter's traffic soared in 1983, with passenger boardings jumping 41.3% to 12,191 and RPKs climbing 38.3% to 2.9 million.

Best: The Kentucky-based carrier reported to CAB that it flew 56,000 passengers and 32 million RPKs in 1983 in its two McDonnell Douglas DC-9s.

Big Sky: Reorientation of its route structure into a hub-and-spoke system centered at Billings, Mont., highlighted what Big Sky regards as a "turnaround" year in 1983. The carrier posted an operating profit of $13,346 in contrast to a $617,321 loss in 1982, and implemented stock ownership and profit-sharing programs for its employes.

Traffic and revenues were down once again for the year, but major increases are forecast in 1984.

Revenues fell 13.4% to $6.6 million, but expenses dropped 20%. Net loss was cut to $368,890 from $954,741 in 1982.

Passenger boardings were down 20.8% to 38,791 but Big Sky looks for a 54.7% increase to 60,000 this year. It has added a fourth Cessna 402 to its fleet, which also includes three Fairchild Metros.

Chalks: With its fleet of three Grumman G-111 albatrosses and five turboprop Grumman Mallards, Chalks flew 93,234 passengers in 1983 to Caribbean destinations from its Miami base. Comparative data for 1982 were not provided.

Chaparral: The Texas commuter flew 127,019 passengers in 1983 to post a 6.5% increase over 1982. RPKs were up 11.4% to 40.2 million. Freight, however, dropped 11.4% to 239,609 lbs.

Chautauqua: The Jamestown, N. …

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