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Swissair's record year. (1983)

Swissair had a very good year, financially, in 1983. The airline posted a net profit of 56.3 million Sfr ($27 million), up 46% over 1982, on revenues of 3.7 billion Sfr ($1.8 billion). Revenue tonne-kilometers were up 7.5%, while scheduled capacity rose only 5.6%. Cargo was up 10.5%. Passenger boardings totaled 7.2 million, slightly above 1982, but passenger tonne-kilometers were up 3.6%, reflecting longer average trip lengths.

The profit did not come easy, what with a 4% drop in yield due to a decrease in the proportion of full-fare passengers, flat European traffic and the strength of the Swiss franc against other major European currencies; this latter knocked about 100 million Sfr off revenues. Efficiency measures

The breakeven load fctor fell slightly, from 64.1% in 1982 to 63.8%, while the average overall load factor rose slightly, to 63.8% from 62.7%. Rounding off decimal points makes the load factors and breakeven load factor seem equal, but actually the load factor was a shade under breakeven, resulting in a 10 million Sfr ($4. …

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