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TunisAir hopeful about growth.

Tunis--Over half of TunisAir's passengers (1982 total: 1.7 million) are tourists, so when vacation traffic to Tunisia started to decline in the early eighties after spectacular growth in the sixties and seventies the airline suffered. The downturn of the economy in Europe, the source of most tourists to Tunisia, was the main cause of the drop in tourist traffic. This could not have been foreseen by TunisAir's management when it ordered an Airbus Industrie A300 for mid-1982 delivery to supplement the Boeing 727 and 737 fleet. Thus there was already an overcapacity situation prior to the arrival of the A300, which was eagerly awaited because of its suitability for heavily traveled routes (notably Tunis-Paris) and its low operating cost.

For many years the policy of TunisAir has been to deal with the unusually marked peaks and valleys in its traffic by leasing aircraft from other airlines to meet peak demand and to seek leasers for one or more of its own Boeings during the slack season. …

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