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Chautauqua Airlines studies new equipment.

Many commuter/regional executives today are relishing the sweet taste of success. Traffic is climbing. Yields promise profitability and cash flow is stabilized at a desired level. Still, while rollicking in this euphoria there is one nagging question: What to do about growth?

Joel Hall, founder and president of Chautauqua Airlines based at Jamestown, New York, is one of those fortunate commuter executives. He is pleased with developments in Chautauqua's market areas but he is also agonizing over adjustments he must make to take advantage of system growth opportunities.

Hee are some prime questions which occupy high priority in his decision making: How to integrate new equipment with old to insure maximum productivity and minimum operating costs? How reliable are market forecasts and how much weight must be given them in future planning" How to pace growth and still avoid overcapacity? What equipment should he buy? And, uppermost in his mind is the question, "When do I stop 'window shopping' and bite the bullet?"

Whatever actioin he takes it is irrevocably linked with past and present conditions. In some areas he is withholding a final decision and in others, it has been made.

When compared to the commuter industry's larger operators, Chautauqua is a small airline. It is owned by Joel Hall and his wife Gloria. Although details of the airline's financial posture are a private matter, the Hall's are pleased with results. …

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