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Aircraft operating data. (Boeing 767, 727-200, 757-200, British Aerospace 146; quarter ended Sept. 30, 1983)

Aircraft Operating Data

Boeing 767, 727-200, 757-200, British Aerospace 146 Quarter ended Sept. 30, 1983.

Third quarter 1983 direct operating costs begin to shed the first realistic light on the costs of the Boeing 767 and 757 as opposed to the old tried and true Boeing 727-200. The 727-200 has been the backbone of the U.S. airline fleets for some time and will continue to be so.

Despite the relatively high capital costs--$521 to $1,157 reported per block hour--the new aircraft have significantly lower seat-mile and seat block hour costs than the 727s for each operator. The lower fuel consumption and two-man crew also give the 767 and 757 lower costs per block hour than the 727s operated by most carriers. …

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