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U.K. carriers speak favorably of Boeing 757 experience.

U.K. carriers speak favorably of Boeing 757 experience

The three United Kingdom operators of the Boeing 757--British Airways, Fir Europe and Monarch Airlines--have been returning 98%, 98.2%, and 97.85% dispatch reliability (within 15 minutes), and each spoke highly of their experience during the shakedown period of the new aircraft.

At this writing, BA had just received its 10th 757 out of 17 on order, with two more to come by this spring, three more during the winter of 1984-85, and two more at the end of 1985. In-service date for the first aircraft was February 9, 1983, and the 757s started on the internal shuttle routes alongside the aging BAe Tridents. They now operate additionally on routes from London to Paris, Milan, Rome, Copenhagen, Geneva, Zurich, Athens and Malta, replacing Tridents, Boeing 737s and Lockheed L-1011s on some services. These are all short/medium-haul routes, but BA has also put 757s on the longer Heathrow-Tel Aviv sector after finding that the fuel burn was below forecast.

BA's 757s are using, with 189 seats, 20% less fuel than Trident 3s with 145 seats, over similar sectors. Original plans to reconfigure some 757s with 228 seats as a dedicated fleet for U.K. shuttle routes have been shelved following a recent decision to serve food and beverages on shuttle services, which means that the galley areas have to remain. …

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