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Air Algerie flourishing.

Algiers--The Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, to give it is official name, has a flourishing air transport industry. Until 1962 Algeria was part of the French Republic and therefore the antecedents of Air Algerie and the recently created Intel Air Services (IAS) are French. It was in 1963 that the Algerian government became the majority share-holder in Air Algerie. By the end of 1972 the airline was a completely nationalized company.

although the name Air Algerie dates back to the early fifties the airline was, like other Algerian industrial concerns, in the hands of a French management. Flight crews and senior technical staff were all French. During the long period that Air France was a shareholder the company benefitted form AF's expertise and many older members of the present 7,300 personnle in the Algerian air transport industry were trainde by the French. IAS domestic operations

The Algerian government's decision in 1983 to set up a separate company, Inter Air Services (IAS), to take over the domestic operations (including crop-dusting, aerial survey and air taxi services) of Air Algerie means a reversion to the situation existing prior to 1974; it was in that year that the government decided to make the crop-dusting and air taxi concern DTA part of Air Algerie. …

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