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Swissair reports on 747-300 and A310 performance.

ZURICH--Reporting here on the first six months in service of its two latest airliner types, the Boeing 747-300 stretched upper deck and the Airbus A310, Swissair said both had performed up to expectation in fuel-burn, noise and passenger appeal.

Its three A310s in service at this writing had returned a daily utilization of 6.1 hours each, and a grand total of 2,600 flight hours, transporting around 225,000 passengers. Swissair's two 747-300s had been in service for an average of 12.2 hours each, and had totaled 5,200 flight hours carrying 200,000 passengers across the North Atlantic. Seat load factors during the first six months of service were 61.5% on the A310 and 77.3% on the 747. …

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