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Reality meets fiction.(odds&ends)(Brief article)

Should we be worried or should we be patting ourselves on the back? For it appears that Ryanair's sometimes zany, always controversial, but never boring Michael O'Leary is getting his inspiration from this column.

Flashback to a year ago, when O'Leary was still getting free publicity from his on-again, offagain proposal to put pay toilets onboard his aircraft. In the spirit of the thing, "Odds" offered 10 additional ways in which Ryanair could improve its profitability, including "Doing away with the copilot." We observed that the RAF had done just fine with one pilot per bomber during the Big One, and that was while dodging flak and fighter planes.

It took awhile for that idea to reach Dublin, but we now see that O'Leary has proposed just that, although without crediting this column for his inspiration. …

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