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Government green racket.(Editorial)

Every great cause begins as a movement, degenerates into a business and ends up as a racket." So wrote Eric Hoffer, visionary thinker, author of "The True Believer" and recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hoffer died in 1983, a few years before global warming overtook acid rain, the ozone hole and the next ice age to become the environmental apocalypse in waiting, so we will never know how he would have viewed it. Yet his observation about the progressive stages of great causes is certainly food for thought as the airline industry girds for yet another "environmental" tax on passengers.

One does not have to be a climate change skeptic to recognize that maintaining high levels of anxiety about global warming can be used as a bludgeon to frighten the public into accepting greater levels of taxation and loss of personal autonomy, ostensibly in the interest of saving the planet. …

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