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2000 heavy maintenance directory.(Directory)


Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) (formerly GAMCO)

Abu Dhabi Int'l Airport, P.O. Box 46450, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 2 575 7555

Fax: +971 2 575 7263

Web address:


Services: Aircraft, engines and components MRO services and industrial engine repair and overhaul services, APU Hamilton Standard ST6L Allied-Signal GTCP 331-200/250/350, broad range of aircraft components and services, special process facilities and training center.

Principal Airframes Serviced: All Airbus variants, 737, 757, 767, 777, L-1011, L100-30, CN235

Principal Engines Serviced: CF6-80C2 (all series), CF6-50 (all series), Trent 700 (module change), CFM56-5A (all series), CFM56-5C (module change), PT6A series (all), PT6T series (all).

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA, UAE GCCA, Oman DGCAM, and some other regulatory approvals.

Other locations: Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaima, U.AE.

Air Zimbabwe Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

P O Box AP 1, Harare Airport, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone: 263 4 575111

Fax: 263 4 575327/57

Web address:


Services: A thru D checks, CPCP, SSID, engine maintenance to B3 level including cell testing, APU and component maintenance. Aging airplane inspection and modification programs, structural repairs, NDT and painting. Airframe, SIP, avionics and engine mods.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 737, 767, BAe 146

Principal Engines Serviced: JT8D

Certifying Agencies: Malawi, Zimbabwe

Airquarius Aviation

Hangar 200 Lanseria Int'l Airport, Johannesburg, 1748 South Africa

Phone: +2 711 701 3619

Fax: +2 711 659 2960

Web address:


Services: F-28 maintenance up to D check level. 737-200 A & B checks, TCAS, ELT, HF, RNAV, GPS, EGPWS, structural mods, cockpit doors, and interiors mods.

Principal Airframes Serviced: F28, 737-200

Principal Engines Serviced: Spey 555 on-wing servicing

Certifying Agencies: South Africa, Tanzania

Alsalam Aircraft Company

King Khalid Int'l Airport, Industrial Park P.O. Box 8012, Riyadh, 11482 Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 1 220 3966

Fax: +966 1 220 3973

Web address:


Services: A, B, C and D checks on commercial aircraft. NDI. Composite repairs. VIP interior design and refurbishment. Airframe modifications and avionics system upgrades. Painting.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 747, 737, 727, 707, L-1011, A300

Certifying Agencies: GACA (Saudi Arabia), FAA, EASA, Nigerian Aviation Authority, CAA Cayman Islands, CAA Pakistan, Republic of Central Africa.


Egyptian Company for Aircraft Maintenance (ECAM)

19 Farouk Amer., Sheraton Heliopolis Buildings, Cairo, Egypt

Phone: +00202 2267 8183

Fax: +00202 2267 8184

Web address:


Services: Aircraft maintenance.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 737-200, 737-300/400/500, 707 up to C check, A320.

Certifying Agencies: Egyptian Civil Aviation

Other locations: Sharm El Sheikh Int'l Airport

EL AL TECH/EL AL Israel Airlines P.O. Box 41, Ben Gurion Airport, 70100 Israel

Phone: +972 3971 7748

Fax: +972 3971 7264

Web address:


Services: One stop shop to Boeing fleet (737, 747, 757, 767, 777), shops, line engineering, heavy checks. 777 floor station 246, EGPWS, Mode S, and many other mods.

Principal Airframes Serviced: C checks and D checks to 777, 747, 767, 737NG, 757

Principal Engines Serviced: Components only

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA, CAAI

Emirates Airline Engineering Dept.

P.O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 218 1000

Fax: +971 4 299 1299

Web address:

Services: Aircraft & engine maintenance, up to and including C check, maintenance modifications, TCAS, cabin reconfiguration, overhaul, workshops for engine maintenance support.

Principal Airframes Serviced: A310, A330, 777, A340

Principal Engines Serviced: CF6-80C2, Trent 700/800, CFM56, 500, GE 907

Certifying Agencies: UAE GCAA, UK CAA, JAA, EASA, FAA

Ethiopian Airlines

Bole Int'l Airport, Addis Ababa, 1755 Ethiopia

Phone: +251 161 2222

Fax: +251 161 1474

Web address:


Services: 727, 737, 757, 767, F50, DHC-6 aircraft complete airframe maintenance of A-D checks, as well as unscheduled maintenance work.

Principal Engines Serviced: JT8D, PW120, PT6 engines licensed and approved overhaul facility; PW2000, JT9D-7R4, & PW4000 modular maintenance; 100,000 lb. thrust test cell with automatic data acquisition.

Certifying Agencies: Ethiopia, FAA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, Tanzania, etc.

IAI Bedek Aviation Group

Ben-Gurion Int'l Airport, 70100 Israel

Phone: +972 3 935 3017

Fax: +972 3 935 8797

Web address:


Services: Airframe, engine, components, maintenance & modifications. Cargo conversion for 737/747/757/767/MD-11.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 707/727/737/747/757/767, A320, DC-8/DC-9/DC-10, MD-11/MD-80.

Principal Engines Serviced: JT3, JT8D, JT8D-200, JT9D, CFM56-2/-3/-7, P&W4000, T-56, PT6

Certifying Agencies: ICAA, FAA, JAA, EASA, CAAC, CAAI, and many others

JorAMCo (Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Ltd.)

P.O. Box 39328, Queen Alia Int'l Airport, Amman, 11104 Jordan

Phone: +962 6 445 1445

Fax: +962 6 445 1186

Web address:


Parent: Royal Jordanian Airlines

Services: All levels of airframe maintenance including major overhaul and modifications. Component repair, cabin repair and refurbishment.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 727, 737 (Classic and NG), L-1011, A310, A300-600, A320 family, A330 and A340, Embraer 190, 195

Certifying Agencies: JAA, FAA, USA, EASA

Jordan Airmotive Limited Co.

Queen Alia Int'l Airport, P.O. Box 39180, Amman, 11104 Jordan

Phone: +962 6 445 1181

Fax: +962 6 445 2620

Web address:


Parent: Aviation Technological Academy (ATA)

Services: Civil aircraft engines MRO facility. NDT machining, plasma welding, balancing, plating. Engines & APUs only.

Principal Airframes Serviced: DC-8, DC-9, 707, 727, 737-100/-200, L-1011, A310, A320, A340, 747-200

Principal Engines Serviced: JT3D, JT8D, RB211-524, CF6-80C2, CFM56-5

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA, JCAA



AAR Corp.

1 AAR Place, 1100 N Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191 U.S.

Phone: +1 630 227 2000

Fax: +1 630 227 2039

Web address:

Services: Airframe overhaul and modifications, aviation supply chain services, inventory management programs, airframe parts supply, engine parts supply, landing gear repair and overhaul, wheels and brakes services, composite repair, aircraft storage, engineering services, component repair, PMA development and supply, business systems integration, cargo systems, composite structures, aircraft sales and leasing, Section 41, wing nacelle strut, avionics mods.

Principal Airframes Serviced:

Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Embraer, Fokker, Saab, A310-300, A300, 747-200/-300/-400.

Principal Engines Serviced:

Engine sales & leasing and parts supply for GE, P&W, RR and IAE, CF6-80C2/-50C2, JT9D, PW4056, PW4152.

Certifying Agencies: ISO 9001:2000, FAA, EASA, CAAC, Saudi Arabian PCA, DGCA India.

Other Locations: AAR Aircraft Component Services - New York, AAR Aircraft Component Services - Amsterdam, AAR Aircraft Services - Hot Springs, AAR Aircraft Services - Indianapolis, AAR Aircraft Services-Miami, AAR Aircraft Services - Oklahoma, AAR Aircraft Services - Roswell, AAR Landing Gear Services, AAR Wheels & Brakes Services.

Aircraft Servic - Hat Springs

AAR Aircraft Services - Hot Springs

525 Airport Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913 U.S.

Phone: +1 501 318 1342

Fax: +1 501 318 0487

Web address:


Parent: AAR Corp.

Services: All letter checks, structural repairs, CPCP and SSID inspections and rectification, SB/AD compliance, DFDR, RVSM, GPS, EGPWS, HF and ACARS installations, interior mods, level III NDT. Backshop capabilities include battery maintenance and overhaul, specialized welding services, flight control repair and refurbishing, airframe component repair, composite repair, hot bond composite repairs, avionics repair.

Principal Airframes Serviced: CRJ100/200/700, DHC-6, EMB-120, BE 1900

Certifying Agencies: FAA

Other Locations: Indianapolis, Miami, Oklahoma, Roswell

AAR Aircraft Services - Indianapolis

2825 West Perimeter Road, Indianapolis, IN 46241 U.S.

Phone: +1 317 227 5000

Fax: +1 317 227 5104

Web address:


Parent: AAR Corp.

Services: Aircraft maintenance, inspection and repair; major airframe modifications and upgrades; avionic services and installations; structural repair; exterior and interior refurbishment; winglet installations; component repair and overhaul; engineering services and line maintenance services.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 717-200, 727, 737, 757, 767, A318, A319, A320, A321, DC-9, MD-88, MD-90-30.

Principal Engines Serviced: JT-8D, JT-9, PW2040, PW 2043, PW2037, PW4000s, CFM56, RB-211, V2500.

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA

Other Locations: Hot Springs, Miami, Oklahoma, Roswell

AAR Aircraft Services - Miami

Phone: +1 305 871 2104

Web address:


Parent: AAR Corp.

Services: Aircraft maintenance, inspection and repair; major airframe modifications and upgrades; avionic services and installations; structural repair; exterior and interior refurbishment; component repair and overhaul; engineering services and line maintenance services.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 717-200, 727, 737, 757, 767, A318, A319, A320, A321, DC-9, MD-88, MD-90-30

Principal Engines Serviced: JT-8D JT-9, PW2040, PW2043, PW2037, PW4000s, CFM56, RB-211, V2500

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA

Other Locations: Hot Springs, Indianapolis, Oklahoma, Roswell

AAR Aircraft Services - Oklahoma

6611 South Meridian, Oklahoma City, OK 73159 U.S.

Phone: +1 405 218 3000

Fax: +1 405 218 3614

Web address:


Parent: AAR Corp.

Services: Narrowbody and regional heavy maintenance, modifications (all types), exterior and interior refurbishments, backshop support and airline terminal services.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 707, 727, 737NG, 757, DC-9, MD-80/90, CRJ200/700

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA

Other Locations: Hot Springs, Indianapolis, Miami, Roswell

AAR Aircraft Services - Roswell

Roswell Industrial Air Center, 511 Challenger Street, Roswell, NM 88203 U.S.

Phone: +1 505 578 5000

Fax: +1 505 578 5070

Web address:


Parent: AAR Corp.

Services: Aircraft maintenance and storage, airframe inspection, engine changes, landing gear changes, aircraft dismantling, engine and material warehousing.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, A300, A310, L-1011, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-80, MD-90, CR100/200/700, Fokker, BE 1900D

Certifying Agencies: FAA

Other Locations: Hot Springs, Indianapolis, Miami, Oklahoma

ACTS Heavy Maintenance

720 Cote-Vertu West, Dorval, Quebec, Canada H4Y 1C2 Canada

Phone: +1 514 856-7444

Fax: +1 514 422 7706

Web address:

Services: Technical expertise in airframe, engine, component, line and cabin maintenance, specialized services and technical training, engines, APU, component MRO, line maintenance services, technical training, inventory and logistics, engineering, technical records management, on-wing engine support, engine component repairs, interiors, aging inspection, aircraft modifications, AD compliance, hushkitting, CPCP, composite repairs, state-of-the-art painting services, avionics, landing gears.

Principal Airframes Serviced: A300-600, A310, A320 family, A330, A340, 737/767, CRJ

Principal Engines Serviced: CF34-3A, CF34-3B, JT9D-7A through -7J/-74RD, CFM56-2A/-2C/-5A, PW4056, PW4060, CFM56-5C4 & CFM56-5B

Certifying Agencies: Transport Canada, FAA/JAA via bilaterals, CAAC

Other Locations: Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and El Salvador (Aeroman)

Aeroframe Services LLC

1945 Merganser Street, Lake Charles, LA 70615 U.S.

Phone: +1 337 312 2513

Fax: +1 337 312 2699

Web address:


Services: Airbus MRO.

Principal Airframes Serviced: A300, A300-600, A310, 319, A320 family, A330, A340, 707, MD-11, DC-10

Principal Engines Serviced: All associated engines


Int'l Airport of El Salvador, San Luis, Talpa La Paz, El Salvador

Phone: +503 2366 7610

Fax: +503 2366 8216

Web address:


Parent: ACTS

Services: Heavy maintenance featuring state-of-the-art automated labor & materials control systems. Heavy structural mods, full interior reconfigurations, IFE installations & modifications; interior & exterior painting, navigational avionics upgrades.

Principal Airframes Serviced: A320 series, 737 series, 757 series

Principal Engines Serviced: Light maintenance on CFM56-3/-5, V2500, JT8D, RB211

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA, AAC of El Salvador, DGAC Guatemala, DGAC of Costa Rica, DGAC of Peru, DGAC of Mexico, DGAC of Ecuador, AAC of Panama, JAAC of Jamaica.


Av. Fuerza Aerea Mexicana No. 416, Mexico City, Mexico

Phone: +52 55 5133 5484

Fax: +52 55 5133 5390

Web address:


Services: Heavy maintenance, turnaround & overnight, NDT. Interiors, hushkit installations, avionics, components. ADs, modifications.

Principal Airframes Serviced: DC-9, MD-80, B-727/757/767

Principal Engines Serviced: PW2000, PW4000, JT8D

Certifying Agencies: FAA, DGAC, DNA


5300 NW 36 Street, P.O. Box 522236, Miami, FL 33152 U.S.

Phone: +1 305 871 1790

Fax: +1 305 526 7388


Parent: Windstar Capital

Services: Repair, overhaul, conversion, sale, trade, lease P&W JT8D all series and CFM56. Engine condition monitoring (ECMII), worldwide field service 24/7, part sales, component & parts repair (JT8D & CFM56). HIS, MC, MO, OH, Stage 3 hush kit, conversions.

Certifying Agencies: FAA, EASA, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia, Brazil, China.

Other Locations: New Zealand

AeroTurbine Inc.

2323 NW 82nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33122 U.S.

Phone: +1 305 590 2600 (Toll Free: +1 877 747 AERO)

Fax: +1 305 590 2606

Web address:


Parent: AerCap

Services: Engine and aircraft sales, leasing, repair, engine & airframe parts sale.

Principal Airframes Serviced: 737-300/400/500, 747/757/767, A300, A310, A319/320/321, CRJ, MD-80, MD-90

Principal Engines Serviced: CFM 56-2/-3/-5, CF6-80, CF34, JT8D-200, PW2000/4000, V2500

Other Locations: Miami, FL, Good-year, AZ, Dallas, TX

Air Transport Components

615 W Knox Road, tempe, AZ 85284 U. …

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