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Heavy maintenance around the world. (aircraft)(Directory)

The first ATW Maintenance Directory for large aircraft and engines finds the maintenance community in a state of internal conflict.

On one hand is overcapacity in the third-party segment. Many competent facilities are beating the bushes in search of a level of business that will ensure survival. Contributing to this situation is the sound business decision of many airlines to seek work to fill out the schedules of their in-house facilities spun off into either separate profit centers or independent subsidiaries.

On the other hand, the airlines' continuing drift toward outsourcing of facility-intensive jobs such as heavy maintenance gives those already in the field a reason to hope. Unfortunately, it also lures new operators into the field.

Engine-overhaul shops, meanwhile, are threatened on two fronts: The increasing reliability of modern engines reduces shop visits, while aggressive manufacturer moves into the maintenance/overhaul sector mean more competition for what business remains. One solution is teaming agreements such as that between Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. and Rolls-Royce.

This facility directory focuses on providers of services for aircraft seating 1OO passengers or more, and their engines. While some of the facilities do extensive regional, general-aviation and military maintenance, this tightly focused directory attempts to isolate the work done for larger aircraft and power plants. The directory is broken into three geographic regions for convenience: The Americas, Europe and Africa/Asia/Oceania. Facilities are listed alphabetically in their regions. Information for the directory was provided directly to ATW by each of the maintenance facilities listed. The initial list of facilities that ATW used for sending questionnaires was created from numerous sources.


Air India Ltd.

Engineering Sept., Old Airport, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, 400 029, India.

Tel: (91) 22 6106037, Fax: (91) 22 6116738 or (91) 22 6118940

Description: India's nationalized flag carrier

Key specialty: FAA-approved repair station

Principal engines serviced: JT8D, Jt9D, PW4056, CF6-80C2/-50C2

Checks: Up to D for 747-200/-300/400 and A310-300, up to A check for A300B4

Widebody space: 4

Additional services: Provide line maintenance facilities for the following: Kuwait Airways, El Al, Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Singapore Airlines

Air Malawi

Robins Road, P.O. Box 84, Blautyre, Malawi. Tel: (265) 620811, Fax: (265) 620042

Description: National airline of Malawi

Employees: 580

Certifying agency: Malawi DCA

Principal airframes serviced: 737-300

Principal engines serviced: CFM56-3C-1

Checks: Through C

Narrowbody space: 1

Additional services: Modifications, component repair

Air Zimbabwe Corp.

P.O. Box AP1, Harare Airport,

Harare, Zimbabwe. Tel: (263) 4

575111, Fax: (263) 4 575058

Description: National airline operating domestic, regional, international routes

Employees: 160

Certifying agencies: DCA (Zimbabwe) and other African countries

Principal airframes serviced: 707, 737, 767, BAe 146

Principal engines serviced: JT3D, JT8D-17A, PW4000

Checks: Through C on 767, BAe 146, through D on 707, 737

Widebody space: 7,300 sq. m

Narrowbody space: 3,850 sq. m

Additional services: Avionics, hydraulics and mechanical components overhaul


Locked Bag 4004, Pejabat Pos Kampung Tunku, 47309 Petaling Jaya, Solanger, Malaysia. Tel: (60) 3 7465112 ext. 277, Fax: (60) 3 7464709

Parent: Malaysian Helicopters

Description: Maintenance/modification center

Internet address:

Key specialties: Maintenance/modification, engine overhaul/repair, components overhaul/repair, avionics, PMEL calibration

Employees: 953

Certifying agencies: DCA (Malaysia), FAA, DGAC (Indonesia), CAAC, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Papua New Guinea

Principal airframes serviced: 737-200

Widebody space: 2

Narrowbody space: 5

Additional services: Calibration, manufacturing/fabrication

All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd.

ANA Maintenance, 3-4-5 Haneda

Airport, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 144.

Tel: (81) 3 5756 5359, Fax: (81) 3 5756 5379

Description: Scheduled airline (international/domestic)

Key specialties: Line/dock/component/engine/landing gear maintenance

Employees: 3,200

Certifying agencies: JCAB, FAA, CAAC (component, ENG)

Principal airframes serviced: A320, 767-200/-300, 777, 747-200/400

Principal engines serviced: P&W, GE

Checks: A, C, D

Widebody space: 5

Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd.

P.O. Box 8012, 11482, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tel: (966) 1220 3966, Fax: (966) 1 220 3972

AMECO Beijing

Capital Airport, P.O. Box 563, Beijing 100621, P.R. China. Tel: (86) 10 64561122, Fax: (86) 10 64561517 or (86) 10 64561823

Parent: Air China, Lufthansa

Description: Aircraft maintenance/engine/components repair/overhaul, engineering, logistics

Internet address:


Key specialties: Airframe, engine, components

Employees: 3,700

Certifying agencies: CAAC, FAA, JAA

Principal airframes serviced: 747-200/-400/-SP, 737, 757, 767

Principal engines serviced: PW4000, RB211-535, CFM56-3, JT8D-17/-200, JT9D, JT3D

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 7

Narrowbody space: 1

Additional services: Engineering, training

Ansett Australia

Locked Bag 14, Tullamarine, VIC,

Australia 3043. Tel: (61) 3 93396061, Fax: (61) 3 93395899

Parent: Ansett Australia Holdings Ltd.-owned: News Corp. Ltd. 50%, TNT Ltd. 50%

Description: Airline

Employees: 2,200

Certifying agencies: CAA (Australia), FAA, CAAC, DGAC (Indonesia), CAA (Malaysia)

Principal airframes serviced: 767,737,727, A320, BAe146

Principal engines serviced: CF6-80, CFM56-3/-5, Spey, JT8D-15

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 3

Narrowbody space: 8

Additional services: High-speed grinder/balancer for CFM, CF6


Avalon Airport, Locked Bag No 2, Lara 3212, Victoria, Australia. Tel: (61) 52 279 289, Fax: (61) 52 823 892

Description: Third-party maintenance

Key specialties: 747 C/D check, engine strut, aging-aircraft programs, section 41

Employees: 530

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, CAA (Australia), CAAC (Singapore), ATO (Philippines), CAA (India)

Principal airframes serviced: 747, 727

Principal engines serviced: JT9D, 6F6-45/-50/-80, RB211

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 2

Narrowbody space: 1

Additional services: Line maintenance, aircraft surveys, C&A inspections, AD compliance reviews, inventory control

Bedek Aviation Group

Israel Aircraft Industries, Bedek Aviation Group, Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel 70100. Tel: (972) 3 935 3645, Fax: (972) 3 935 3571

Parent: Israel Aircraft Industries

Description: Aircraft, engine, components modification/maintenance center

Key specialties: Heavy maintenance modifications, developmental projects

Employees: 2,900

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, CAA

Principal airframes serviced: 727,737,747,757,767, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-SO

Principal engines serviced: JT3, JT8, JT9D, CFM56

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 3

Narrowbody space: 8

Additional services: Wide engineering services, STC, interior mods, design/development

China Airlines Ltd. Engineering & Maintenance Div.

No. 131 Nanking East Road, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., Airport-C.K.S. International Airport, Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: (886) 3 3987250, Fax: (886) 3 3987396

Employees: 1,783

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, CCAA, DCA, JCAB

Principal airframes serviced: 737,747, A300, MD-11

Principal engines serviced: PW4000, JT9D, JT8D

Checks: Through D

Additional services: A/C line services/base maintenance, engines/components maintenance, NDT

EVA Airways Corp.

EVA Air Aircraft Center, 2d Maintenance Area, C.K.S. International Airport, Taoyuan Hsien 338, Taiwan, R.O.C.. Tel: (886) 3 351 9414, Fax: (886) 3 393 1039

Parent: Evergreen Corp.-Taiwan

Description: International, regional, domestic scheduled, charter passenger/cargo

Employees: 810

Principal airframes serviced: 747400, 767-300, MB-11

Principal engines serviced: CF6-80C2

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 3

Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co. (GAMECO)-China

Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou 510405, P.R. China. Tel: (86) 20 6579761, Fax: (86) 20 6579751

Parent: Joint Venture/Lockheed Martin, Hutchison-Whampoa (China) Ltd., China Southern Airlines

Description: Line/hangar maintenance

Key specialties: Component overhaul, test/repair, module change, borescope repair

Employees: 1,300

Certifying agencies: FAA, COPA (Nepal)

Principal airframes serviced: 737, 757, 767, 777, A320 in 1997

Principal engines serviced: CFM56, CF6, RB211, GE90

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 1

Narrowbody space: 3, (nose dock: 2)

Additional services: Boeing parts, certified repair center for China; GTE Airfone systems support center for China

Gulfaircraft Maintenance Co. (GAMCO)

P.O. Box 46450, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Abu Dhabi International Airport. Tel: (971) 2 7067234, Fax: (971) 2 757263

Description: Maintenance support, refurbishment, modifications/refinishing on Boeing, Airbus & Lockheed aircraft including engine/component overhaul, repair/test services

Key specialties: Aircraft, engine, component maintenance, etc.

Employees: 950

Certifying agencies:jAA, FAA, CAA

Principal airframes serviced: Boeing series, Airbus (except A330) & L-1O11

Principal engines serviced: CF6-80C2, RB211

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 3

Additional services: Engineering services, technical planning, training

Hawker de Havilland

361 Milpena Rd., Bankstown, NSW,

Australia 2200. Tel: (61) 277 8228,

Fax: (61) 2771 2632

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. (HAECO)

60 Concorde Road, Hong Kong

International Airport, Kowloon,

Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2767 6142,

Fax: (852) 2333 4514

Parent:John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd.

Description: Line/base maintenance and component overhaul

Key specialties: 747 section 41 med, pylon mod and combi-to-freighter conversion

Employees: 5,100

Certifying agencies: FAA, CAA, JAA

Principal airframes serviced: 737, 747, A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, L-1011

Principal engines serviced: RB211

Checks: Through D

Widebody space: 3

Narrowbody space: 2

Ishikawajima Harima Heavy

Industries Co., Ltd.

229 Tonogaya, Mizuho-Machi, Nishitamagun, Tokyo, 190-12, Japan.

Tel: (81) 425 68 7230, Fax: (81) 425 68 7073

Description: Aeroengine manufacturing and maintenance, space development program, industrial gas turbine

Key specialties: Engine manufacturing and maintenance

Employees: 3,500

Principal engines serviced: JTSD, CF6, CFM56-3

Additional services: Accessories maintenance, laboratory analysis service


1-100 Takamatsu-Cho, Tachikawsshi, Tokyo 190, Japan.

Tel: (81) 425 28 6111, Fax: (81) 425 28 6161

Key Specialties: Aircraft interiors, manufacturing and aircraft maintenance

Employees: 1,400

Certifying agencies: JCAB, CAA HK-CAA, Douglas, Boeing

Japan Airlines Co. Ltd.

1-9-1 Haneda Airport, QTA-KU, Tokyo 144, Japan; Tokyo International Mrport, Haneda; New Tokyo International Airport, Narita.

Tel: (81) 3 3747 4113, Fax: (81) 3 3747 4134

Description: Maintenance services, engine/component overhaul for customers as well as JAL

Employees: 4,500

Certifying agencies: JCAB, FAA, JAA, HK-CAA, DGAC, CAAC

Principal airframes serviced: 747,767, 747-400, DC-10, MD41

Principal engines serviced: CF6-82C2, PW4460, JT9D-7A/-7Q/-59A/-7R462/-7R4D

Widebody space: 7

Japan Air System Co. …

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