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Sweet harmony: international efforts aimed at joint approvals of flight simulators are moving forward.

International efforts airned at joint approvals of flight simulators are moving forward

The requirement for multinational approvals of fullflight simulators (FFS) may be a thing of the past soon--or at least greatly moderated. Under present regulations, if an airline wishes to train its pilots in a simulator owned by a foreign carrier or training center, the simulator must be certified initially and then, re-evaluated periodically by that facility's national aviation agency.

However, a JAA working group, with the U.S. FAA sitting as a member, is close to passing new regulations designed to harmonize the certification/evaluation process for simulators among JAA countries. A similar measure is also being worked out with FAA and the Canadian Ministry of Transport to allow participation in the JAA program, using the same regulatory criteria.

The primary motivation behind these efforts is "the increased wish to use simulation on the part of the world's airlines and the number of simulators around the world able to accommodate that," according to Ed Cook, supervisor for FAA's Project Development Section in its Flight Standards Div. …

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