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U.S. SST drive advances: collaborative effort between government and industry intensified as recent planform refinements reflect teamwork.(supersonic transport)

Collaborative effort between government and industry intensifies as recent planform refinements reflect teamwork

NASA has reached a significant milestone in the High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) research program that it is managing in conjunction with U.S. aerospace firms.

Down-select sessions last autumn between engineers from NASA and from Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell have produced a new planform for a prospective HSCT design. The initial planform, called Reference H (ATW, 4/95) actually was a design developed individually by Boeing. It was donated to the NASA High Speed Research effort to establish a starting reference--or center--point for NASA and participating industry engineers to study prospective designs for a new supersonic civil transport.

The Reference H replacement, called a "technology-concept airplane," resulted from the down-select sessions and is a joint effort produced by all five manufacturers, NASA and subcontractors. …

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