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Europe.(World Airline Traffic Statistics)

27.23% of world passengers

30.67% of world RPKs

29.27% of world FTKs

Adria: The Slovenian airline had another good year in 1995, recording increases of 8.5% to 547,511 in passengers, 12% to 613.9 million in RPKS and 3% to 3.66 million in FTKs. On the financial front, a 2.5% rise to $101.5 million in operating revenues reduced operating loss to $6.67 million from $7.96 million and net loss to $7.8 million from $9.1 million.

Service was launched to Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona, and the network will be extended to Tel Aviv this year. Adria flies three A32Os, two DC-9-32s and two Dash 7s.

Aer Lingus: The Irish carrier enjoyed excellent traffic growth in 1995, according to AEA. Passenger boardings jumped 11.5% to 4,462,800, RPKS were ahead 7.5% to 5.26 billion and FTKs rose 4.8% to 107.1 million.

Aer Lingus Group wound up 1995 with a net profit of $23.7 million, a sharp contrast to a 1994 net loss of $194.3 million that was impacted by restructuring charges. Operating profit at the air transport group rose to $68.6 million from $52.5 million. Revenues climbed 4.5% to $1.11 billion.

Chairman Bernie Cahill expects "that the current positive phase in the cycle should continue until at least the end of 1997," but warned that Aer Lingus continues to be impacted by pressure on yields.

The carrier plans to add a third U.S. gateway, Chicago, to its present operations at Boston and New York this year. It also hopes to launch code-sharing flights with Delta from New York.

Aeroflot: Passenger traffic continued to decline in 1995 at the pertion of Aeroflot that reports to ICAO. Enplanements were down 5.1% to 31,176,000 and RPKs were off 0.8% to 71.7 billion. FTKS, however, rose 7.3% to 1.5 billion. Results of many of the individual carriers that comprise Aeroflot are found below.

Aeroflot Russian International: The international division of Aeroflot launched its first domestic routes and also received a new general director, Evgeny Shaposhnikov.

It reported good traffic results for the year, with passenger boardings rising 16.2% to 3,470,000, RPKs jumping 13.3% to 13.8 billion and FTKs climbing 6.7% to 503 million. It is forecasting growth of 8.1% in passengers, 8.5% in RPKs and 5.4% in FTKs this year. Its fleet includes six A310s, two 767-300s and a DC-10 freighter in addition to numerous Russian-built aircraft.

Aerokuznetsk: Based at Novo Kuznetsk, the airline posted modest traffic gains last year and is looking for better growth in 1996. Passenger boardings were up 0.7% to 307,600, RPKs rose 0.9% to 710.9 million and FTKs climbed 6.7% to 9.6 million. Increases of 3.9% in passengers, 5.5% in RPKs and 9.4% in FTKs are forecast this year.

Aero-Lloyd: The German charter airline, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, flew 1,245,000 passengers for a 3.7% increase over 1994, according to IACA. RPKs jumped 33.9% to 7.5 billion. On the financial front, it posted net profits of $4.1 million on revenues of $430 million.

Air Belgium: The Belgian charter carrier enjoyed good growth in 1995, with increases of 6.3% to 425,000 in passengers and 4% to $42.9 million in revenues. But it expects traffic to decline 5.9% this year.

Air Berlin: Healthy traffic growth continued at the German charter airline. It told IACA that passenger boardings were up 9.6% to 1,147,700 and RPKs jumped 21.3% to 1.87 billion.

Air Bristol: The U.K. airline reported to ICAO that it flew 81,258 passengers and 43 million RPKs in the first nine months of 1995. Comparative data were not provided.

Air Dolomiti: The Italian airline flew 52,O00 passengers, up 46%, and 29 million RPKS, up 43%, in the first four months of 1995, the latest period for which figures were available. It became the European launch customer for the ATR 42-500, adding two to its fleet of five ATR 42-320s.

Air Europa/Espana: Excellent growth marked 1995 at the Spanish 'charter airline, with passenger boardings rising 25.8% to 4,323,900 and RPKs advancing 35.5% to 6.9 billion.

Air Europe SpA: The Italian charter airline's traffic rebounded last year, it told IACA, with passenger boardings tripling to 563,000 and RPKs climbing 67.9% to 4.6 billion.

Air Foyle: The British carrier, which serves as worldwide general sales agent for Russia's Antonov-Design Bureau, reported its "best-ever year" for commercial operation of the An-124 Ruslan in 1995. Air Foyle said its fleet of six An-124s operated 2,600 flying hours and carried 7,600 tons of outsize cargo during the year. It also operates an II-76 freighter on wet lease, along with nine BAe 146s and an assortment of other aircraft.

Air France: Passenger traffic was down and freight carriage was up at France's flag carrier last year. Passenger boardings fell 7.2% to 14,498,200, RPKs slipped 1.3% to 49.6 billion and FTKs rose 4.2% to 4.4 billion. Operating revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31 was $7.5 billion.

Air Holland Charter: The Dutch airline told IACA that it flew 200,000 passengers and 600 million RPKS in 1995. Comparative results for 1994 were not provided.

Air Inter Europe: Officially launched on Jan. 1, 1996, as a combination of the former Air Inter and the medium-range European operations of Air France, the airline flew 15.7 million passengers in 1995, down from 17.1 million in 1994. It was expecting to report a loss of some $100 million for the year.

Air Jet: The new French airline commenced operations between Paris Charles de Gaulle and London City Airport in October with two BAe 146s and planned to add a third early this year. Its 1995 traffic results could not be obtained.

Air Liberte: The French carrier reported to IACA that its passenger boardings were up 44.4% in 1995 to 1,010,500 but RPKs dipped 4.5% to 3.2 billion. It was anticipating net profits of $2.5 million.

This year, Air Liberte expects to launch 23 new routes out of Paris and to transfer some of its operadons from Orly to Charles de Gaulle.

AirMalta: Traffic turned down at the Maltese airline in 1995 after significant growth in 1994, with RPKs falling 14.3% to 2.18 billion and FTK declining 13% to 16.7 million. Passenger boardings, however, rose 2% to 1,407,916.

Air Moravia: The Czech carrier flies charters with two leased Tu-154Ms. Its 1995 traffic results could not be obtained.

AirOne: The former Aliadriatica launched operations in November under its new name, becoming the first serious challenger to Alitalia in major domestic markets in Italy. It started with six daily Boeing 737 round trips on the Rome-Milan route, then added three more 737s to its fleet and more than doubled its frequencies early this year. R is forecasting that it will fly 1 million passengers in its first year as it expands its route system to additional points within Italy.

Air Ostrava: The Czech third-level carrier inaugurated service last year to Salzburg and Poprad/Tatry, its third and fourth international destinations, and started charters to Mediterranean destinations this spring. It flies two Jetstream 31s, two Saab 340s, a Let 410 and two business jets, and reportedly is looking at leasing jet transports. Its traffic results were not available.

Air Sicilia: The Italian carrier reported that it flew 55,141 passengers in 1995 and took in revenues of $6 million.

Air Slovakia: The new Slovakian carrier told ICAO that it flew 72,131 passengers and 127 million RPKs in 1995 in its 727-200 and achieved a load factor of 79.8%.

Air South West: The new U.K. airline started service between Blackpool and Dublin in October and also flies from Exeter to Dublin and Cork. Its fleet comprises two Bandeirantes and a Chieftain. Its 1995 traffic results could not be obtained.

Airtours International: Excellent traffic growth marked 1995 at the U.K. charter carrier, which consolidated its two divisions. Four 757s were added to the fleet and three MD-83s were replaced by A320s. The remaining five MD-83s will be supplanted by A320s this year.

Passenger boardings jumped 25.4% to 4,414,459, RPKs climbed 28% to 12.3 billion and FTKs surged 84.9%. Lesser gains of 4.9% in passengers, 5.4% in RPKs and 4.1% in FTK are forecast in 1996.

Air 2000: The U.K. charter carrier's traffic declined in 1995, it told IACA. Passenger boardings fell 10.4% to 3,762,900 and RPKs were off4.7% to 10.2 billion.

Air UK: Healthy traffic growth continued at the British carrier as Hamburg, Zurich and Madrid were added to the route network. Service will be initiated to Rotterdam this year. Air UK posted increases of 15.7% in passenger boardings to 3,370,776 and 26. …

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