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$15 to check a bag???!!!(odds&ends)(American Airlines Inc.)(Brief article)

American Airlines' recent announcement that it intends to charge $15 to check the first piece of luggage (high-mileage fliers and international travelers excepted) has elicited a strong response from those who are justifiably irritated that they now will have to pay for something that used to be provided gratis. However, it seems unfair that airlines are the only ones ever singled out for abuse when they add a new charge. So herewith, in no particular order, are some other fees that people should complain about:

* The $5-$15 per ticket "convenience charge" you now have to pay every time you purchase a ticket to a major musical or theatrical event in the US.

* The 3% service fee that the major credit card companies are slapping on all international transactions. …

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