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Airbus mulls future - again.(Airbus Industrie)

The looming threat that Boeing will launch new variants of the 747 has injected new life into the long-lived debate over whether Airbus Industries needs to be reorganized in order to make it more competitive in the marketplace.

Both Daimler-Benz Aerospace and British Aerospace are on record as calling for a restructuring of Airbus before any new large jet is launched (ATW, 4/96). Now, with Aerospatiale, the staunchest defender of the status quo, indicating it also supports such a move, a new report on the subject may provide enough ammunition to carry the day.

The report, due out next month, is being prepared by a committee of Edzard Reuter, former chairman of Daimler-Benz and current chairman of the supervisory board of Airbus Industries, and four senior executives from outside aviation, one nominated by each of the Airbus partners. …

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