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Roberto Schisano. Rigas Doganis. Pierre Godfroid. Bernard Attali. One scarcely dares step outside these days, for fear of being flattened by the latest deposed European airline chief as he plummets earthward from his former seat in the heavens.

One would hope these depositions were being carried on in the name of progress and change. But on the face of it, they are not. These four leaders were not cast down because they failed to attack the government/labor Hydra menacing Europe's airlines. Rather, it was because, sword in hand, they waded in all too enthusiastically.

But to view them as failures would be to make a mistake. Perhaps we should see them instead as unknowingly having been pressed into government service as actors in what has become a familiar psychodrama (in four acts) played out in the boardrooms and union halls all over Europe. …

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