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Something for everyone.(SAS Flight Academy in Stockholm, Sweden)

In a short tithe, SAS Flight Academy has proved it can survive in the highly competitive training industry

STOCKHOLM--If not for the sign outside, trainees might think they were somewhere else as they walk through the lobby. A travel bureau on the left, a pub on the right. The 3-level, spacious SAS Flight Academy, with bone-white walls, looks more like a trendy shopping mall than a training facility for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and marine officers. Yes, the academy trains individuals who will earn their livings on the sea as well as in the air.

Actually, there is a reason for the academy's appearance The builders and SAS wanted to be able to sell the facility to a mall developer or supermarket chain in the event the concept of providing a Mil-service training facility for the "SAS family" and others failed. Fortunately for SAS, no need to post a forsale sign outside has arisen.

Since its inception in July, 1990, the academy, located 5 min. from Arlanda International Airport, has shown steady growth. It has added full-flight simulators and more varied programs, both at the main facility here and branch offices in Denmark and elsewhere. …

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