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BAR for the course. (boards of airline representatives)

Boards of airline representatives: Common-cause advocates worldwide

Frankfurt--One thing the airline industry surely doesn't lack in this digital age is acronyms. There are IATA, ICAO, OAA, AEA and ERA, to name a few. But more are out there, like, say, the BARs of this world.

Largely unheralded, an international panoply of 18 BARs (boards of airline representatives) in Europe alone diligently takes up the adversarial cudgel on behalf of carriers with the multifaceted governmental and industry-related bureaucracies in whatever country. The need for BAR assistance may intensify if economic slow-down across Europe forces carriers to become more innovative in seeking ways to compensate for a potential downturn in revenues.

These groups--with names such as BARIF (Finland), IBAR (Italy) and BARUK (U. …

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