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Revenue window of opportunity: airlines that aren't selling ancillary products on their websites are missing a big payout.(E-COMMERCE)(Financial report)

PAY A VISIT TO RYANAIR.COM AND IT IMMEDIATELY will be apparent that it is no ordinary airline website. The large, flashing reminder that millions of seats are available for just [pounds sterling]10--with "no hidden charges"--invokes the mood of a used car dealership or a county fair. The bouncing cartoon bunnies on the right draw attention to the Irish LC's Easter deals.


Sure, you can check an itinerary or book a fare. For a customer looking simply to go from Point A to Point B on the cheap, is sufficient and user friendly. But why stop there when you can avail yourself of so many more bargains? Supplement your vacation with a hotel or hostel booking, automobile rental or ski pass. While you're at it, buy concert or football tickets, arrange for car insurance, save on your energy bill or indulge in a bit of online gambling.

Those options have little if anything to do with commercial air travel, yet they are just a mouse click away for the 16 million people who visit each month, many of whom wind up buying more than just an airline ticket. In some cases, it would be like leaving the bakery with a loaf of bread and a set of tires.

Airlines Reporting Ancillary Revenue Results
Most recent full-year period

               Ancillary Revenue
Airline             (Euros, 000)  % of Total  Euros Per Pass.

Aer Lingus                63,407         4.2             7.35
Air Arabia                 4,531         3.2             2.57
AirAsia                   22,713         6.8             1.62
Air Berlin                58,100         3.7             3.46
Air Deccan                32,745         9.0             4.82
Alaska                   134,662         5.8             5.61
Alitalia                  49,357         1.0             2.04
Allegiant                 21,675        12.8             9.95
Austrian                  54,100         2.2             4.99
easyJet                  189,477         8.8             5.74
Emirates                  23,864         0.6             1.65
Frontier                  25,603         3.2             2.55
Korean                    55,380         1.0             2.51
LTU                       38,000         4. … 

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