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Moving the nets.(EDITORIAL)

Ever since the words "scientific" and "consensus" became conjoined at the hip, a cadre of Western thought leaders and policy-makers has been looking forward to the day when they can tell the rest of us how we are going to live our lives. That the phrase "scientific consensus" means little--until Copernicus and Galileo, the "scientific consensus" was that the sun revolved around the earth--does not matter in the least to this group, whose members are not above vilifying anyone who does not share their calamitous views on global warming and the solutions they offer.


Admittedly, this cadre is a miniscule proportion of those who are genuinely and legitimately concerned about mankind's impact on the environment and for whom open and frank discussion, not intimidation, remains the principal way in which they hope to convince or at least persuade the bulk of humanity that things need to change if life on this planet as we know it is to be preserved. …

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