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Procompetitive stance. (Orient Airline Assn.)

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei - The process of rebuilding the Orient Airline Assn. into an effective advocate for and work partner of the region's airlines has reached the end of the start. Now, the renewed organization must justify its backers' faith by producing results.

Two years ago, OAA's more activist members pushed through a plan of action that established the post of director general. Last year, the newly selected DG, Richard Stirland, ex-Cathay Pacific, had been named but with insufficient time to recruit new directors for the key commercial and technical departments. He also was in conflict with his inherited staff.

OAA's 1995 Assembly of Presidents in this oil-rich sultanate found Stirland with his staff in place and organization geared up. And for starters, it launched several initiatives, including an effort to convince the Hong Kong Provisional Airport Authority that it needs to build two runways at Chek Lap Kok from the start - not just the single runway it had intended for the initial effort - plus a call for Asian carriers to equip their aircraft with TCAS and all aircraft in the region with Mode S transponders.

More important, however, was the statement of aeropolitical principles adopted by the OAA, one of the first public products of the newly constituted Aeropolitical Steering Committee. Both the statement itself and the process by which it was developed indicate a shift in OAA member attitudes. …

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