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New times for old 'World.'(World Airways)(Company Profile)

Belly-space charter and CRAF operations are major segments of the airline's rebuilding

Profitability has been a nebulous--always-sought, occasionally reached--goal throughout World Airways' 47-year history. At long last, the carrier is coming out of its latest bleak period, with a solid net for 1994 replacing a long stretch of nonprofitable years.

And the profitability appears to be a trend, with cargo playing a major role.

Since its founding in 1948 by Ed Daly, to fly between Teterboro, N.J., and the Caribbean, World has been a major charter operator for cargo and passengers. The airline quickly developed a strong relationship with the U.S. military, which turned it into a major operator across the Pacific, first serving troops in Korea and later in Vietnam.

With all of its cargo aircraft in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program, it also was a major player in the 1991 Gulf War.

Prior to the mid-1980s, World operated both scheduled and charter services. …

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