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A bus that thinks it's a plane.(odds&ends)

Airline liveries can fade fast. Exit Eastern. Bye-bye BCAL. Adios Ansett. Colors forever folded. All except Republic Airlines. Republic (the old one) lives--if not in fact, then in livery. The carrier's two-hued blue stripe scheme didn't hang around long, but then neither did the airline. It merged (initially quite messily) into Northwest. But, perhaps unknowingly, it bequeathed its livery to a bus company: Alabama Limousine.

Back in the 1980s, the small city of Anniston, Ala., sported a US Army base. It's closed now, but before it shut down Fort McClellan generated just enough traffic to keep Southern Airways busy shuttling passengers to Atlanta some 90 mi. to the east. In 1980, Southern merged with North Central to form Republic Airlines. …

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