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Hanging in against all odds: Russi Mody, joint chairman, air India and Indian Airlines.(Interview)

Russi Mody, Joint Chairman, Air India and Indian Airlines

What I had not bargained for was the total abdication of managerial function in both airlines," said Russi Mody, 76, joint chairman, Air India and Indian Airlines, concerning his first impressions upon taking over.

Mody, chosen by the Prime Minister's office last November to get the national carriers out of the doldrums, brought impressive credentials to the job: A distinguished business career ended as chairman of the Tata conglomerate's flagship Tata Iron and Steel Co. In fact, his acceptance of the job surprised industry observers. After all, Air India and Indian Airlines combined could be placed in the junior league of Indian industry, at best.

On the other hand, the challenge of this high-profile industry has proved irresistible before. …

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