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The newest sibling arrives. (Airbus A319)

Airbus rolls out the A319, completing its 'family' of single-aisle jetliners, with 81 orders

TOULOUS--Rolled out with ceremony last month and slated to make its maiden flight by the time this issue is produced, the 124-seat A319 completes Airbus Industrie's family of single-aisle airliners and heralds a heightening of the fierce marketing battle against the Boeing 737-300 and dash 700, and the proposed McDonnell Douglas MD-95.

Airbus already claims a 30% share of jet-airliner sales and is shooting to raise this to 50%. It sees the market for single-aisle airliners as 2,169 over the next 20 years, of which 253 already have been ordered.

As of this writing, Airbus had logged 81 sales for its new baby, 35 from Air Canada, plus 10 options, nine from Air Inter, 20 from Lufthansa plus 20 options, 14 from ILFC and three from Swissair. The last-named airline, which will be the first operator, in June, 1996, will take some of the ILFC airplanes. Six hundred sixty-six orders have been received for the 150-seat A320 and 157 for the 185-seat A321, making 904 sales for the Airbus narrowbody family. …

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