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'A very, very competitive market.'(aircraft maintenance)

While an "abundance of overcapacity" exists in aircraft maintenance and a "very, very competitive market," Steffen Harpoth, CEO of the U.K.-based, Danish-owned FLS Aerospace, takes an optimistic view of the sector's future.

"There are some 12,000 jet aircraft, and they need more and more maintenance," he said. "At the same time, tens of thousands of jobs are being shed in the industry due to efficiency gains.

"Those who can meet quality requirements, deadlines, have efficient cost-cutting programs and capital--you will never survive in this industry unless you have capital--will survive. I am not saying they will make big profits but at least, they will make profits.

"In the airlines, the technical director still has a veto but the bean counters are coming in and asking: 'Why do we need to do aircraft maintenance ourselves? …

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