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777 to meet A330, A340.(Boeing 777, Airbus A330, A340 widebody jets to be exhibited at 1995 Paris air show)

PARIS - In what the French undoubtedly will call a coup formidable, GIFAS, organizer of the 41st Paris air show has pulled off the big one: A nose-to-nose confrontation on the flight line at Le Bourget between the 777 and the Airbus A330/340, latest widebody products of the two fierce rivals for sales to world airlines, Boeing of the U.S., and Airbus Industrie of Europe.

This particular 777 probably will be one of Boeing's development aircraft. It is due to arrive at the salon on Sunday, June I 1, and remain on the ground until departure, probably on Tuesday, two days later.

Airbus intends to counter the impact of this intruder into its heartland by flying an A330 and an A340 in the display on alternate days and also will use the show as a platform to deliver the 100th member of the A330/340 family to an as-yet-unspecified airline customer. …

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