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Take a look at yourself. (Regional Airline Association convention to deal with improving public image of industry)

The 3-day 1995 RAA Spring Convention (May 16-18) will deal more with the image and safety of regional airlines than their economic well-being. Financial and marketing analysts will be replaced by speakers proficient in aviation safety, establishing public relations programs for airlines, crisis management and how to deal best with the news media.

After a planeload of negative publicity for regional airlines, much of it undeserved, RAA finally has come to grips with its industry's negative image. The association has developed a thoughtful program that may provide some answers to what airlines can do to combat the unflattering image and beef up their safety departments.

A look at the program drives home the point.

On safety, luncheon speaker John Lauber, the new VP-corporate safety and compliance for Delta Air Lines, who spent nine years at the NTSB, will tell members about his airline's recently developed, companywide flight and ground-safety program, part of which involves voluntary safety appraisals at the four Delta Connection partners and greater oversight by the major airline, which Lauber's former employer recommended last year. …

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