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Condominium carrier. (Air Vanuatu)

PORT VILA, Vanuatu--Serving one of the South Pacific's fastest-growing offshore financial centers and tourist destinations, Air Vanuatu is the national airline of a country that until 1980 was known as the New Hebrides and was ruled by two colonial powers, France and the U.K.

This unique condominium, as it was called, had its own airline, Air Me1anesie, formed in 1960 to operate interisland services in the archipelago, which is located between Fiji and New Caledonia.

Air Vanuatu dates back to 1987, when a Hong Kong-based company was involved in its formation. Shortly thereafter, the Vanuatu government assumed control and still is the sole owner. Since 1992, when JeanPaul Virelala became the first Vanuatu national chief executive, the company-- officially named Air Vanuatu (Operations) Ltd. …

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