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'Douglas is in the business to stay.'(McDonnell Douglas, aircraft industry)(Company Profile)

Harry Stonecipher is on a crusade to convince the market that McDonnell Douglas is in the business to stay, that its current products are excellent and, by the way, that the MD-11 line will stay open and the Twin MD-11 will NOT be built. And he wants to do it quickly, because energy is what the new CEO is about. "One of the decisions we've made is to reenergize Douglas.

"Look at the fact that Douglas is profitable and they're shipping 38 airplanes. Look at the fact that the CEO of this company has probably called on an airlines a week in the five months he's been in the job, and we just took a new airplane on a tour of China and Taiwan. We made that decision and executed it in 40 days. That's different. The last time Douglas took an airplane anywhere was the DC-10 in 1969. It's that kind of energy." Is Stonecipher's job to restore the industry's confidence in Douglas and its products? …

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