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North America leads in deliveries. (regional aircraft)

LONDON--North American airlines will take the bulk of 3,330 new regional aircraft that will be delivered between 1995 and 2004, according to Jetstream Aircraft, producer of the J3 1, J41 and J6 1.

Turboprops are hi ok en down as follows: 19 seats, A 30; 30 seats, 1,111; 50 seats, 796; 70 seats, 602, for a total of 2,839. In addition, the forecast, which includes Chinese airlines but not those of the CIS, lists 491 regional jets.

Splitting the world into six areas, the forecast sets the following scenarios:

Growth from the huge base of regional-airline operations and continued tradedown from major-airline services will sustain worth America's domination of the regional aircraft market. …

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