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EVS tests advancing. (enhanced vision systems)

If HUDs catch on, the result will be that one of the costliest parts of an enhanced vision system can be installed on many large fleets by the end of the decade.

EVSs remain highly controversial. The major U.S. commercial avionics manufacturers are unenthusiastic. They have tried various sensors without success and have scaled back their EVS activities.

The joint HUD venture involving Northwest Airlines, Sextant, Loral and the Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory (MADL) still is focused on IR-based EVS and Capt Jim Mages, Northwest project manager, believes that imminent tests will show that it can work, allowing Northwest's Cat. I aircraft to land in Cat. IIIA conditions (600-700-ft, runway visual range) even on a Cat. I runway.

The controversy over EVSs centers on the performance of infrared systems. …

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