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Up from the sea. (EVA Air) (Company Profile)

TAIPEI--If one is introduced to a captain in the EVA Air management, one shouldn't make the mistake of asking him about his flying experience, for in all probability, he gained his captaincy aboard a container ship. Evergreen, the airline's parent company, is the world's largest enterprise engaged in sea transport.

All of the top of EVA Air executives, starting with President Frank Hsu, previously worked at sea and/or on land for Evergreen, which was established in 1968 by Y.F. Chang, who is still chairman of the Evergreen Group and its more than 20 subsidiaries, including the airline.

Since last visited shortly after its start-up (ATW, 2/92), EVA Air has expanded its route network to become a truly intercontinental carrier with five destinations in the U.S., including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, three in Europe, including London and Paris, two in the Pacific Rim and 10 in southeast Asia. But it has not yet achieved its aim of flying to Japan and Hong Kong. However, in its 4-year existence, it has established itself as one of Asia's major airlines, drawing special accolades for its in-flight service and on-time performance. Boeing cited "the highest level of schedule reliability for 767 and 747-400 aircraft among the world's airline fleets" in giving the carrier an Award of Excellence for outstanding fleet maintenance and flight-operation management. Dispatch reliability ranged between 99. …

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