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All in the family.(odds & ends)(Lockwood family members made up the entire crew of Continental Flight 1683)(Southwest Airlines service)

It's not unusual for members of a family to work for the same airline, or even to work on the same flight. But five on one flight may be a record. Members of the Lockwood extended family made up the entire crew of Continental Flight 1683, a 737 from Houston to El Paso, on June 8. Dewey Lockwood Jr., a 25-year veteran of the airline who is retiring this year, was captain. His son Dewey Lockwood III was the first officer. The cabin staff consisted of Sandi Lockwood, wife of the captain; Nancy Cortez, Sandi's sister and the captain's sister-in-law, and Raymond Cortez, Nancy's husband and the captain's brother-in-law.


From the 'great minds think alike' or 'if you build a better mousetrap' department

Last month, we suggested that some loyal Southwest Airlines customers probably "would happily pay for the ability to pre-select a seat" on the carrier, which is famous for its open seating policy (ATW, 6/06, p. …

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