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It takes a team. (how Bill Clinton's new administration will affect the U.S. aerospace industry) (Column)

During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Nov. 4, U.S. election officials announced an overwhelming vote in favor of Arkansas's governor and candidate for the office of President of the U.S. They declared William Jefferson Blythe (Bill) Clinton qualified to occupy the President's chair in the White House for four years beginning next Jan. 20. At noon on that day, he will take the oath of office and by such action will accept the awesome responsibility for the health, wealth, security and safety of the nation and all of its people.

The Clinton army of recession fighters, estimated at some 8,000, are being recruited and the Bush basket filled with unfinished business is being examined and catalogued. Priorities are being set.

Don Fuqua, president of the Aerospace Industries Association, whose members and resources are dedicated to all flight progress, says: "Clinton's army faces a monumental array of urgent economic, social and foreign-policy programs. …

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