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Crashing the (third) party. (British Airways PLC to expand its third-party materials management and component overhaul)

LONDON--British Airways always has been a leading contender in the field of third-party materials management and component overhaul (MMCO) but has embarked on a serious campaign aimed at cornering a far greater share of this lucrative world market.

The campaign can be seen as part of the drive by the airline, since it switched from the public to the private sector, to become more efficient, more cost-effective and more profitable for its shareholders.

How serious BA's intention to win more business in this sector is can be judged by the annual MMCO turnover forecasts: $300 million this year, of which $100 million will come from third-party work; $350 million--of which $130 million from third-party work next year, $400 million-160 million, third party--the year after. …

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