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The third package lives. (liberalization of the European airline industry)

Airline liberalization seems set to go as planned from Jan. 1, despite the considerable doubts over the future of a united Europe raised paper-thin majority in favor of the Treaty Maastricht in the French referendum of late September.

Approached by ATW the day following the referendum result, the bodies representing airlines in the 12 European Community countries took the view that the Third Package of measures designed to bring in the era of open skies is settled and any upset is unlikely--in spite of a growing body of "Euroskeptics" who would like to see the entire concept of European integration die.

The Third Package gives citizens of one EC country the right to establish airlines in other EC countries, enables EC airlines to fly routes within other EC countries--although cabotage will not happen until 1997--and gives pricing freedom, subject to disapproval by governments if fares are excessively high or predatorily low (ATW, 9/92). …

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