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Makeover nears for 737. (Boeing Co.)

Boeing is nearing decisions on a major refinement of its 737 line, its best-selling transport ever with more than 3,000 expected to be in operation soon.

Boeing has been considering upgrades to its 737 family for some time, up to and including all-new designs. But according to Ron Woodard, chief of the Renton Division, the work, which has been given the designation 737X, now is concentrating on derivatives of the current lineup.

Woodard emphasizes that he would prefer that refinements apply to all three versions, the dash 300/400/500, that the new program be a family, not simply another stretch of the basic airplane.

As it is doing with the 777 and the new large-airplane effort, Boeing has assembled a group of customers to advise it about their wants in a new 737 fine. …

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