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Commission spiral continues. (travel agent commission rising faster than airline profits)

Airlines may not have made any money in 1991 or in the early part of 1992 but travel agents apparently saw their revenues soar, or so Air Transport World's annual travel-agent-commission survey would indicate.

Results of the survey, as tabulated on these pages, are distorted because the responding data provided by some of the airlines was incomplete and figures for most U.S. carriers cover only the first quarter of this year. Nonetheless, they are interesting, showing a jump of 25.1% in commissions this 7ear vs. increases of 16.1% in passenger revenues and 14% in RPKs. Last year, commissions were up 13.1%, passenger revenues 11.2% and RPKs only 2.5%.

Until the U.S. fare wars struck in May, carriers apparently were doing a reasonable job of boosting yield and average fare. …

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