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How come the name? (Regional Airline Association) (Column)

During a reception for RAA's departing president, John Fredericksen, who has joined Northwest Airlink Mesaba Airlines as VP and general counsel, a young airline-industry executive asked if RAA is a relatively nexv organization. He doesn't recall hearing of it before.

"Not so," I said. In fact, it had very early roots, back to post-World War II days, when commercial airlines were wrestling with problems related to the financing and growth of peacetime civil air transportation; a period when the so-called generalaviation segment was down on its "honkers." GA managements were smothered with a marketplace completely out of kilter with the times. There was a huge supply of World War II aircraft, pilots and too many competitive businesses fighting for a healthy share of an undersupply of cash.

At that time, there was an organization called the National Aviation Trades Association, actually rounded in the early 1930s. …

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